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“The inlet butterfly is kept slightly open or an air injector, bypassing the inlet butterfly, is used to maintain air supply to the engine.   This results in air/fuel mixture that keeps getting in the combustion chambers when the driver no longer accelerates. The ignition being severely delayed, the air/fuel mixture reaches the exhaust tubes mostly unburned. When the spark plug fires, the exhaust valve is starting to open due to the ignition delay mentioned above. Additionally, the exhaust temperature being extremely high, the unburned fuel explodes at the contact of the exhaust tubes. Luckily the turbo sits right there and the explosion keeps it turning (otherwise it would slow down since its intake, the exhaust gases, is cut-off).” 

The physical striking of an object as cracking sound generator. 

“In addition to the naturally hotter exhaust gas temperatures associated with a turbocharged engine, combustion within the exhaust is a further reliability challenge, giving the exhaust little relief from high temperature. Normally, when a ‘conventional’ turbocharged engine is on closed throttle, there is some respite from high exhaust temperature. Anti-lag equipped engines are often characterized by loud ‘bangs’ coming from the exhaust as combustion takes place.”

The curation of various tangible objects / tools for the rapid striking harsh sound. 

“World Rally Championship (WRC) cars, for instance, generally replace their turbochargers after every race due to the destructive forces of anti-lag systems. These systems are easily recognizable by their backfiring sounds, somewhat similar to that of a gunshot...”

Another incredible example from Ted Byrnes of textural harsh sound via solo acoustic percussion (no electronics), this time streamlined and directed as a tribute to the Anti-Lag / Misfiring systems of racing cars. 

Pro-tape C20, edition of 100, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging. 

$8 USD plus postage.

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OVMN - Throbbing Pulse + THE RITA - Shark at Knife Pointe CDs

"Two essential reissues now available from Troniks & The Rita / LSHN: 
SHARK AT KNIFE POINTE collects eight classic 7”s from The Rita onto one compact disc to showcase more than a decade of evolution for the project. OVMN’s Throbbing Pulse is a masterpiece of crunch and rumble from Macronympha’s Joseph Roemer, completely remastered by Grant Richardson at ear-splitting intensity."

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Making of THE RITA Thousands of Dead Gods CD Article at Anomaly Index

"Sam McKinlay likes sharks. He also likes ballet. And when Sam McKinlay — who is better known as the harsh noise artist The Rita — likes something, he gets deeply into it.

The Rita’s 2006 CD, Thousands of Dead Gods, is one of McKinlay’s most well-known records. And that’s for good reason. It combines recordings of actual cage dives, in which people submerge themselves underwater in a cage to get close to sharks, with McKinlay’s signature layers of harsh noise."

Read the rest of the article at https://anomalyindex.com

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The Rita live at Apartment 202, NYC, New York.
March 7th, 2020 (Black Leather Jesus, The Rita, Vomir & JSH Tour)
Video by Ominous Recordings

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LAKE SHARK HN #12: BACILLUS / THE RITA - Collimators, The Ocean C30

LAKE SHARK HN #12: BACILLUS / THE RITA - Collimators, The Ocean

“Radiation induced ionizations also directly damage the cellular molecules and can indirectly produce free radicals, which are derived from the ionization of the water component of the cells, which then attach themselves to the mutated genes, damaging it and causing cell death."

“Genius and mediocrity alike are dumbfounded by the teeming diversity of the oceanic formations of Solaris; no man has ever become genuinely conversant with them.” 

“The nails, still surrounded by traces of clotted blood, had regrown.  There was a pink scar in the hollow of her palm, but even the scar was healing, disappearing in front of my eyes.” 

The legendary BACILLUS envelopes himself in the world of medical radiation with some of his most dense material yet. 
THE RITA observes the ocean of Solaris while processing pre-recorded deep ocean samples. 

All profits from the tape go towards Chrissy Harker’s fight with Stage 4 cancer.

Pro-tape C30, edition of 100, various colour tape shells, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging.
$8 USD plus postage.
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Newest arrivals available in LAKE SHARK HN's merchandise section:

BACILLUS / THE RITA - 'Collimators, The Ocean' C20
THE RITA - 'The Nylons of Laura Antonelli' reissue 4 x CD set
THE RITA - 'Costumes and Masks 1' CD THE RITA - 'Linked Arms and Touching Torsos' CD
THE RITA - 'Overdriven Makeup Worship: Women In Stage Makeup' Mini-CD
LINGUA IGNOTA / THE RITA - 'Commissioned' LP (2nd Pressing)
MLEHST / THE RITA - 'Fabric and Paint' pro-CDr

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Last year I was asked by my friend and renowned writer / producer Kier-La Janisse to build a 10 minute harsh noise track based on my choice of 1960s American sexploitation for a series she was curating for Nicolas Winding Refn's byNWR website. I chose director Whit Boyd's SPIKED HEELS AND BLACK NYLONS from 1967.

The project expanded when Kier-La was talking to Nicolas about the project: "I had to pitch him not just on the content but the various contributors to, their history, approach etc. I told him about the various obsessions I’ve seen you go through over the years – the Creature, giallo, sharks, frogmen, etc - and how now you’re obsessed with ballet and ballerinas’ mangled feet. And he became kind of obsessed with you and your process. So he wants not only the sound piece you will make, he wants to know if we can make a video, documenting you making it, and also being interviewed about your various obsessions, fetishes etc."

The resulting piece on byNWR is the harsh noise track, writing by Kier-La and a 27 minute documentary that follows my processes of making the track while tracing my various influences and concepts that have built THE RITA. The documentary is filmed and directed by my award winning cinematographer brother Mike McKinlay and features brief appearances from Kelly Davis (dancer in THE RITA - Choreography to Cracked Linear Sound), Rhea Montpetit (source recording for the Spiked Heels harsh noise material) and Kristin Hayter / Lingua Ignota (source recording video she created in for the earlier THE RITA 'Toe Cleavage' box set).

The audio, writing and documentary are found at bynwr.com in the 'EXPRESSWAY' section. Be sure to look at the rest of Kier-La's recent extraordinary work on the site as well.

LAKE SHARK HN #11 - CRACK BYTCH - Chain Link Toe Holds, Live at Brickhaus May / 15

LAKE SHARK HN #11 - CRACK BYTCH - Chain Link Toe Holds, Live at Brickhaus May / 15 (C20)

Lake Shark Harsh Noise presents the pro duplicated and imprinted tape edition of Iona Hall’s noise project CRACK BYTCH.  Brilliant chapters of abrasive sound that cover a large landscape of technique and acute attention to detail.  Concentrated volume shifts that violently bring witness to each different line of developed sound still manage to relay a very personal feel to the recordings as Hall negotiates the various qualities of different sub-genres and how they effect each other when they’re chained together.  When I was asked to give an example of 90s harsh noise / power electronics which can be compared to the work, stylistically the TAINT cassette ‘Savage Weapons’ even comes to mind.  Like this example of chaptered 90s HN / PE, Hall also seamlessly constructs and deconstructs the rough audio segments, but with the varying textures, faraway storms, vocals and liberal use of tangible AM radio lines to build CRACK BYTCH’S own brand of harsh noise storytelling.
- Sam McKinlay

Crack Bytch is mystery music of the highest order, ritual apathy pulling life's confusion into a cohesive sound field. The touchstone is the 1980s experimental tape scene before it splintered into highly stylized camps that walled off additional influences from infecting the purity of the whole. Here everything is permitted, there is no adherence to a singular style but a multidimensional map of psychic geography tracked and condensed into sections of sound.
I was fortunate to be there at the Bytch's birth and also able to experience it progress from the pure physical frenzy and transgression of the early live sets to the more nuanced final studio recordings. Thankfully these recordings are now readily available and I heartily recommend this most human music made using the personal fragments of Crack Bytch reality. Simply put, this is some good shit.
- Rodger Stella

Pro-tape C20, edition of 100, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging.
$8 USD plus postage.
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"Dresses" is a creative collaboration between artist's THE RITA (aka Sam McKinlay) and LLARK (Skylar Graham).
With the use of several of LLARK's original audio recordings, THE RITA remixed and crafted a solitary minimalistic piece using his signature 'wall noise' techniques.

From there, LLARK crafted a video composition, combining both her dance work and various imagery to go with the piece.

If you would like to hear more music by LLARK please visit http://www.soundcloud.com/llark

Follow LLARK on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/llark.music

- Skylar Graham
March 7, 2019

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AS #16 Sam McKinlay 
‘THE RITA - Anatomical Charisma’ 
Introductory notes by Gabrielle Losoncy 
Stapled color art booklet, 48pp.
Available direct from: