Saturday, January 23, 2021



Dancer / Choreographer: Alexandra Honchell

Music, Sound Source: Mallory Lineman

Sound Source Processing: Sam McKinlay

Directed by: Sam McKinlay, Alexandra Honchell

Camera: Alexandra Honchell

Edited by: Alexandra Honchell, Mike McKinlay


Early conversations on the video project pertained to how tying certain parts of the dancer's body can mimic the degradation of sound. Erratic movement as audio texture. 

See the video here:

Thursday, November 12, 2020

THE RITA - Anna Kogler Found in the River (Phage Tapes Reissue CD)

Approaching a The Rita release provides the exposed with a lurid glimpse into a realm of endlessly focusing obsession. The glint of a tooth in a wash of spray, the slashing of a blade followed in moments by a surge, the shine dancing up a stiletto following lines to a stockinged thigh, but it’s rarely the full story, usually a snapshot of that instance of focus, meticulous descriptions, or just a title and image, a few frenzied minutes, or hours of consideration over every thread – all shreds of the evidence. To have three of these frustratingly scarce documents brought together displays parallels throughout works and also underlines fascinating differences between each release. 
Anna Christie (2005): Timeless stoic beauty of the past, feminine grace and the coldest soft faces - there can be a disconnect between the images of silent beauties and hyper-violent noise, if one follows expected routes of justification, but if accepting it as the sound of the pure frenzy of adoration, poet with a blade in a lung bleeding out, then the ultra-blasted out noise onslaught is all that makes sense with sensual contours to the low end along with very precise changes at key moments of tension. Titled after Sam’s second favourite Greta Garbo film – her first talkie - though his top film of hers is Romance, and frequently cited as a favourite among listeners (alongside Flapper Influence From French Prostitutes – another masterpiece of 1920’s feminine style worship) this statement on adoration and devotion to the beauty of Greta Garbo - originally released as a 3”CDR - grows scarcer as time goes on with nobody willing to part with a copy. 
The Tortured Ghosts Of Creeks And Rivers (2006): Conceptually this is focused on the stripped down and aesthetically powerful world of pre-code horror comics and violent controversial 70s comic magazines, paralleled with 60s Mexican gothic horror films, and then further focused in on themes of water based horror and eroticism through illustration and cinema. Stark contrast up-close, unforgiving focus on horrific details, that’s how this entire LP sounds. Exhibiting absolute precision in tension building and maintenance Sam somehow makes totally saturated exploding surging harsh noise sound more hard and extreme as each side proceeds. Watery fury and intensity, an endless close up on a face in shock right before it’s pulled under. Originally a now rare LP, with this reissue more listeners can study the absolute signal understanding and fearlessness in using sustained noise intensity to create structure. 
Albert Kogler (2006): Any time The Rita unleashes another meditation on the human and shark dialogue, I’m fascinated. This was one of those impossible to find Troniks one-sided LPs, no info besides the stark image, like a 1950s Broken Flag - shark attack aftermath – beach party is over. The pieces namesake was the victim of a Great White Shark at Baker Beach in San Francisco, California on May 7, 1959. Sam going deeper in his search for resonance has even travelled to the exact site where the famous cover photo was originally taken. Providing grisly detail even closer to the moment of focus, Sam gives these quotations, underlining that once man comes in contact with the out-scaled power of a shark, there’s really little of substance to be done if the strike was brutal enough in those brief instances of extreme-force on human flesh. 
"Shirley reached Albert and seized his hand, "but when I pulled, I could see that his arm was just hanging by a thread." She slipped her arm around him and began to swim for the beach. When she was near enough, a fisherman threw her a line. After they were on the sand, Shirley, a Roman Catholic, scooped up some sea water and let it run over the head of her friend (who had never been baptized and belonged to no specific faith)." 
The shark attack theme is articulated by the unrelentingly turbulent blast of persisting density. The full and present midrange allows granular focus on the wide-angle cellular structure of surges in crackles, presenting the listener with an enveloping environment at maximized volumes. The unfurling washes of texture-focus immortalize in duration what - the overloaded moments of absolute terror and impact - being ripped apart and drowned must be like. 
As maximized in impenetrability as The Rita harsh noise minimalism is, there is always a sense that there’s something more complex below the violent surfaces, the hidden that animates the ranges of textures and environments possible within such strict parameters. Each release is like a snapshot in a dossier, piecing together the motives - details unraveling into darker mysteries that reveal paths connecting other releases. These recordings sonically expose tensions and balances, manipulations of layers – the staggering changes between slight twists tighter, the phantom geometries unique to each listener as you release any expectation of narrative and pursue an experience of variance in the constant immediate density of sound structure. Sam McKinlay through his legendary The Rita project and Phage Tapes bring together three rare, monolithic and relentlessly powerful documents of harsh noise brutality onto one digital Compact Disc edition that true noise listeners will need in their archives. 

-Nick Henry (NYC – MMXX) 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020



“The inlet butterfly is kept slightly open or an air injector, bypassing the inlet butterfly, is used to maintain air supply to the engine.   This results in air/fuel mixture that keeps getting in the combustion chambers when the driver no longer accelerates. The ignition being severely delayed, the air/fuel mixture reaches the exhaust tubes mostly unburned. When the spark plug fires, the exhaust valve is starting to open due to the ignition delay mentioned above. Additionally, the exhaust temperature being extremely high, the unburned fuel explodes at the contact of the exhaust tubes. Luckily the turbo sits right there and the explosion keeps it turning (otherwise it would slow down since its intake, the exhaust gases, is cut-off).” 

The physical striking of an object as cracking sound generator. 

“In addition to the naturally hotter exhaust gas temperatures associated with a turbocharged engine, combustion within the exhaust is a further reliability challenge, giving the exhaust little relief from high temperature. Normally, when a ‘conventional’ turbocharged engine is on closed throttle, there is some respite from high exhaust temperature. Anti-lag equipped engines are often characterized by loud ‘bangs’ coming from the exhaust as combustion takes place.”

The curation of various tangible objects / tools for the rapid striking harsh sound. 

“World Rally Championship (WRC) cars, for instance, generally replace their turbochargers after every race due to the destructive forces of anti-lag systems. These systems are easily recognizable by their backfiring sounds, somewhat similar to that of a gunshot...”

Another incredible example from Ted Byrnes of textural harsh sound via solo acoustic percussion (no electronics), this time streamlined and directed as a tribute to the Anti-Lag / Misfiring systems of racing cars. 

Pro-tape C20, edition of 100, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging. 

$8 USD plus postage.

Email lakesharkhn[at]gmail[dot]com with your address for ordering information.  Wholesale orders welcome.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

OVMN - Throbbing Pulse + THE RITA - Shark at Knife Pointe CDs

"Two essential reissues now available from Troniks & The Rita / LSHN: 
SHARK AT KNIFE POINTE collects eight classic 7”s from The Rita onto one compact disc to showcase more than a decade of evolution for the project. OVMN’s Throbbing Pulse is a masterpiece of crunch and rumble from Macronympha’s Joseph Roemer, completely remastered by Grant Richardson at ear-splitting intensity."

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Making of THE RITA Thousands of Dead Gods CD Article at Anomaly Index

"Sam McKinlay likes sharks. He also likes ballet. And when Sam McKinlay — who is better known as the harsh noise artist The Rita — likes something, he gets deeply into it.

The Rita’s 2006 CD, Thousands of Dead Gods, is one of McKinlay’s most well-known records. And that’s for good reason. It combines recordings of actual cage dives, in which people submerge themselves underwater in a cage to get close to sharks, with McKinlay’s signature layers of harsh noise."

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Saturday, March 21, 2020


The Rita live at Apartment 202, NYC, New York.
March 7th, 2020 (Black Leather Jesus, The Rita, Vomir & JSH Tour)
Video by Ominous Recordings

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

LAKE SHARK HN #12: BACILLUS / THE RITA - Collimators, The Ocean C30

LAKE SHARK HN #12: BACILLUS / THE RITA - Collimators, The Ocean

“Radiation induced ionizations also directly damage the cellular molecules and can indirectly produce free radicals, which are derived from the ionization of the water component of the cells, which then attach themselves to the mutated genes, damaging it and causing cell death."

“Genius and mediocrity alike are dumbfounded by the teeming diversity of the oceanic formations of Solaris; no man has ever become genuinely conversant with them.” 

“The nails, still surrounded by traces of clotted blood, had regrown.  There was a pink scar in the hollow of her palm, but even the scar was healing, disappearing in front of my eyes.” 

The legendary BACILLUS envelopes himself in the world of medical radiation with some of his most dense material yet. 
THE RITA observes the ocean of Solaris while processing pre-recorded deep ocean samples. 

All profits from the tape go towards Chrissy Harker’s fight with Stage 4 cancer.

Pro-tape C30, edition of 100, various colour tape shells, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging.
$8 USD plus postage.
Email lakesharkhn[at]gmail[dot]com with your address for ordering information.
Wholesale orders welcome.

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