LAKE SHARK HN #18: GABRIELLE LOSONCY - Judged for Buying Insulin (one-sided C30)

Related notes on Ad Reinhardt and Wladislaw Strzeminski:

“...Here, Reinhardt immediately perceived the problem (a problem that Strzeminski has discerned in Malevich much earlier): if the issue was to abolish contrast (without arriving at the plain monochrome, objecthood, and the like), then the suppression of colors as a means of dispensing with color-contrast was only a brilliant trick (for textural effects could always be perceived as the sublation of such contrast).  To approach it indirectly, by way of value deflation, was much more promising.  Paradoxically, to thematize this abolition of contrasts through an attenuation of values, one had to show this attenuation and reintroduce something abandoned long ago, that is, drawing.  Drawing has to be reinstated (and geometry was the surest way to accomplish that), but it had to be simultaneously destroyed.”
“...It is at this juncture that the grid reappears, at least that characteristic of the grid that can be dissociated from its all-overness: its deductive nature.  It is also, logically, the moment at which the sketch reappears, at least theoretically.  Strzeminski, who had also adopted the deductive structure as one possible solution to his problem, had managed to avoid the sketch only by a complex system of proportional relations that had to be planned on the spot (each division of the canvas was made according to the ratio of its length to its width).  Furthermore, for a whole set of ideological reasons too complex to be analyzed here, the simplest deductive structure, symmetry, was unavailable to him (for an abstract painter in the twenties, symmetry paradoxically meant composition).  But is was indeed available to Reinhardt.”  
“...His sudden recourse to symmetry in the early fifties is a consequence of his “exhaustion” of the all-over scheme: again, there are only so many ways to deal with non composition.”
 - Yve-Alain Bois

The immense detail and expression of the slow decay of ‘symmetry’ displayed via two examples of exhaustive long form audio patterning.  Both tapes achieve ‘non composition’ via subtle yet jarring deviations and texture building abstracted moments. 
Chris Fratesi - “Source taken from a sine wave generator and then put onto cd then manipulated using a modified cd player.”
Gabrielle Losoncy - Pattern and texture building using scraping percussive technique on a plastic object with pure physicality and endurance. 

Pro-tape C40, edition of 75, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging. 
$8 USD plus postage.

GABRIELLE LOSONCY - Judged for Buying Insulin
Pro-tape one-sided C30, edition of 75, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging. 

Wholesale enquiries welcome.

LAKE SHARK HN #13: TED BYRNES - Formula (C20)

“The inlet butterfly is kept slightly open or an air injector, bypassing the inlet butterfly, is used to maintain air supply to the engine.   This results in air/fuel mixture that keeps getting in the combustion chambers when the driver no longer accelerates. The ignition being severely delayed, the air/fuel mixture reaches the exhaust tubes mostly unburned. When the spark plug fires, the exhaust valve is starting to open due to the ignition delay mentioned above. Additionally, the exhaust temperature being extremely high, the unburned fuel explodes at the contact of the exhaust tubes. Luckily the turbo sits right there and the explosion keeps it turning (otherwise it would slow down since its intake, the exhaust gases, is cut-off).” 

The physical striking of an object as cracking sound generator. 

“In addition to the naturally hotter exhaust gas temperatures associated with a turbocharged engine, combustion within the exhaust is a further reliability challenge, giving the exhaust little relief from high temperature. Normally, when a ‘conventional’ turbocharged engine is on closed throttle, there is some respite from high exhaust temperature. Anti-lag equipped engines are often characterized by loud ‘bangs’ coming from the exhaust as combustion takes place.”

The curation of various tangible objects / tools for the rapid striking harsh sound. 

“World Rally Championship (WRC) cars, for instance, generally replace their turbochargers after every race due to the destructive forces of anti-lag systems. These systems are easily recognizable by their backfiring sounds, somewhat similar to that of a gunshot...”

Another incredible example from Ted Byrnes of textural harsh sound via solo acoustic percussion (no electronics), this time streamlined and directed as a tribute to the Anti-Lag / Misfiring systems of racing cars. 

Pro-tape C20, edition of 100, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging. 
$8 USD plus postage.
Wholesale enquiries welcome.

THE RITA - Shark at Knife Pointe (Troniks CD)

"Experience the evolution of The Rita, more than a decade of obsessions, eight singles, and nearly 80 minutes of blistering scorch and desiccated crumble. From sharks, fetishes, and the glistening edge of the Giallo blade to the lithe beauty of a ballerina’s form and beyond, Sam McKinlay’s all-consuming passion pushes sound texture to stark new extremes. Sourced from the original masters for maximum impact, Shark at Knife Pointe includes tracks from these 7-inches: Milicent Patrick, Shark Knifing, Predators, Shooting Sharks, Dark Angled Eyebrow, Female Statuesque (Female Titans), Journey of the K-Verband (Throat Lure), and Letestu. Packaged in a limited edition digipak featuring extensive new liner notes from As Loud As Possible’s Chris Sienko."
TRO-320, CD
$10 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - Letestu (Disclosures 7")

It’s no secret that the classical and the neoclassical ballet has a been a primary proponent in my artistic and physical output over the last 4 years (and for probably the rest of my media arts career), and as the major projects have been developed and taken shape, I think often about the initial classical ballet performances that began to shape the various interests.  The memories always circle back to the Paris Opera Ballet and danseuse étoile Agnès Letestu.  The first classical DVD I bought was the Paris Opera Ballet’s production of LA BAYADERE and immediately noticed Agnès Letestu as one of the three shades, thus making my second purchase the 2005 Paris Opera Ballet production of Swan Lake which features Agnès Letestu as Odette / Odile.  Amongst everything else in the performance, Letestu’s potrayal of Odile consciously cemented my interest in the ballerina as a whole; the makeup, facial features, gestures, costume, form and Agnès Letestu’s incomparable angular posture.  As the magazine, DVD, VHS, and Blu-ray collection grew exponentially, I was able to see even more of Letestu’s profound abilities for pantomime and drama, most notably in the Paris Opera Ballet’s 2003 production of PAQUITA.  Eventually, the apex representation for me as a fan of Agnès Letestu has easily been her role as the Siren / La Courtisane in Balanchine’s LE FILS PRODIGUE.  Strangely enough, I first saw her in the stunning costume during one of the documentaries about her as she was fitted with the arm bands in her dressing room.  Finally finding and seeing online the Paris Opera Ballet’s 2001 production of LE FILS PRODIGUE was absolutely awe inspiring and a massive cumulative experience as again, the Georges Rouault ‘designed’ costume with Letestu’s uncanny stage abilities further cemented my thought that Agnès Letestu may be the absolute stage representation of woman.  In other words, divine and a living, moving goddess.  Over the years THE RITA has revolved many works around European genre film and pre-code vamp / flapper actresses, and the continuing life dedicated to the classical ballet has informed fascinations with other ballerinas such as Ludmila Semenyaka, Natalia Bessmertnova, Tatiana Terekhova, Marianela Nunez, Claire Marie Osta, Natalia Osipova, Maya Plisetskaya, Svetlana Berisosova, Ariana Lallone, Ludmila Pagliero, Olesia Novikova and Alina Cojocaru, but again, for me Agnès Letestu is always the apex representation of the female performer. 
The Letestu 7” on Disclosures has been one of the most difficult releases I have had the opportunity to work on as my audio and aesthetic tribute to Agnès Letestu had to be all encompassing and representative for me.  The various processed sound samples from rare imported documentaries layered with further mic’d pointe shoe sounds from Arlo Doyle, the 7” format (which is always my absolute favourite) and the imagery all had to be seamless.  
The only thing I could imagine being more difficult is meeting Agnès Letestu one day and nervously expressing to her that all my primary fascinations with the aesthetic and movements of the ballet have been shaped by her. 
- Sam McKinlay
$8 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - King Richard III (Foul Prey CD)

"King Richard III marks an apex in The Rita’s ongoing reduction of pre-recorded source material. This instalment works with Jaume Collet-Serra’s 2016 survival horror The Shallows – specifically, all the scenes featuring leading actor Blake Lively unaccompanied by music. Reduced to a hissing, crackling essence that evokes both an ailing Geiger counter and pinpricks in a taut plastic sheet, these 40 minutes are the output of an obsessive shedding of cinematic embellishment. What remains is the hard kernel of an actor’s central performance, with narrative undulations crushed to leave a mesmeric continuum of sputter and seepage."
$10 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - The Princesses (Rural Isolation Project Reissue CD)

Princess Aurora
“But the innocent impetuous girl is so charmed by the spindle that she cannot cease to play with it.  Suddenly, she pricks her finger.  Instantly, she falls to the ground.”
The king and queen rush to her... The princess herself has no idea of what has happened.  She stirs, looks into her father’s disturbed face, and shakes her head slowly, as if to say, “Don’t worry, nothing is wrong.”  Similarly she comforts her distraught mother.  To prove that everything is all right, the anxious girl rises and begins to dance again, and there is a clap of thunder.  The princess falls into her father’s arms... The princess seems to die.” - George Balanchine 

“Seizing the spindle, Aurora wields it like a scepter as she dances.  But then she pricks her finger and, in a passage reminiscent of the mad scene in Giselle (as well as Nikia’s death scene in Petipa’s La Bayadere [1877]), she dances brokenly and finally falls down, unconscious.”  - Sally Banes

Princesse de Lamballe 
“One of her murderers, brought, long years after, to some tardy justice, described her as ‘a little lady dressed in white’ - a haunting phrase - standing alone a moment above the carnage:  then, as she was dragged into the centre of the courtyard, a man struck her with his pike, thrusting it through that crowning glory of her beauty, her fair and abundant hair... At sight of it, like wild beasts mad for slaughter, all rushed and flung themselves upon her; she was thrown upon the heap of corpses by the gate, stabbed through and through, her head cut off, every scrap of clothing torn from her, exposed, ‘naked and beautiful, as god made her,’ says a French writer, her heart wrenched out, and mutilations horrible and inhuman inflicted upon her body...
Her head was carried in triumph through Paris on a pike, her heart upon another, her body dragged after: dancing crowds, shrieking ‘La Lamballe! La Lamballe!’ surrounded it... 
The shop of a famous perruquier was passed, one who had often coiffed the Princesse in happier days, and some fiends in the mob shouted that he should dress the head again, and rouge the dead lips and cheeks, for they would carry the prize to Antoinette in her prison, and it was necessary she should recognize her friend.” - B.C. Hardy 

All source sounds - a woman’s body dragged on a tile floor with the participation of Gabrielle Losoncy. 
All analog electronic processing by THE RITA 
8 Panel Digipak CD reissue of the cassette originally released by Petite Soles.
$10 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - The Katherines (W.I.S.P.) (Abhorrent A.D. CD)

"New full length album from the always ambitious Sam McKinlay, an innovator responsible for single-handedly developing new types of noise and obsessively studying them...pushing himself to discover various approaches to channel his interests into THE RITA. Always one step ahead, intuitively moving forward and transforming/deconstructing his sound just as it starts to become arrogated by imitators. 
Sam doesn't follow trends, he sets them by unapologetically doing things his own unique way...this is just one aspect that should influence other artists, not to just discover your own sound and themes, but to continuously maintain an engaged dedication to it. 
'The Katherines' is an album consisting of seven chapters of processed source material using Princess Katherine dialogue from Henry V and the sound from video of Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton)...the result is minimal, repetitive sputtering lines of fractured audio that makes an ideal long-form companion to the work found on the 'W.I.S.P. II' (Joy De Vivre) and 'Goneril & Regan' (Grisaille) tapes, as well as the 'Déchéance' 7 inch that was released by AAD last year.
Sound & Imagery: Sam McKinlay 
Cover Art: Gabi Losoncy 
Layout: Branden Diven"
$12 USD plus postage.

    THE RITA - Bandaged Invisibility T-shirt (Urashima)
Exclusive black t-shirt in chain-spun cotton with white monochrome print with the original artwork by Sam Mckinlay. Limited to 50. M,L,XL.
$20 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - Szamanka (Dead Gods C30)





My favourite rendition of a woman's profile and one of my favourite films of all time used to frame and construct a cassette for Dead Gods. 
$8 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - Her Shell, The Chute (Absurd Exposition C30)
All sounds sourced from working a Lange XT 130 LV (flex index ‘very stiff’, low volume) ski boot. 

Fitting the shell of a ski boot for a woman (note the female specifics, not unlike ballerina pointe shoe fitting): 

“...every boot made for a woman adds padding around the ankle and Achilles area, an accommodation for the fact that the female foot is proportionately lower volume in this area...” 
“In women’s iterations, the area over the first cuneiform bone is domed, forming a natural haven for this common protuberance in the female mid-foot. This isn’t such an easy area for a bootfitter to modify and as noted above, there’s only one lower shell made from scratch for a woman and this isn’t an area touched by its adaptation.” 
“If the increase in heel height is effected inside the boot, it will have the multiple benefits of raising the calf slightly out of the boot, increasing leverage over the tongue and raising the ankle relative to the cuff pivot, all of which help the woman achieve a comfortable, balanced athletic position.” 

Tragedy strikes when two women ski a Chute in Montana: 

“Two women had hiked in from Fairy Lake to ski the Great One Couloir. The second skier ran into difficulty and fell during the run, resulting in traumatic injuries. The first woman called 911 and initiated CPR. Unfortunately, due to the severity of injuries, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. Search and Rescue volunteers were able to reach the scene by helicopter and both women were transported to a nearby landing zone. The deceased woman has been identified as Caroline Lupori, a Bozeman resident originally from Colorado.” 

A woman’s corpse, nights on the mountain: 

“Mrufka Wolf had badly frostbitten fingers. Whether she made a mistake on the change-over on the fixed ropes and fell-off, or collapsed and died of exhaustion, or tried to descend without clipping the Sticht plate onto the ropes was a matter for futile conjecture. So Mrufka, after surviving the ordeal of Camp 4, became the fifth and last victim of the storm, and the thirteenth on K2 in a single summer.” 

Edition of 100 pad-printed tapes packaged with oversized screenprinted covers and 7x7" glossy insert. 
$10 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - Sharks and the Female Form / Tight Fitting Armor (Old Europa Cafe CD)

"This CD is the re-edition of:
"Sharks and the Female Form" first out in 2018 on OEC as a Music-Cassette limited to 39 hand-numbered copies including a load of A5 inserts.
Cassette was re-edited in 2019 in a standard case limited to 100 copies 
"Tight Fitting Armor" out in 2016 as music-Cassette together with a 12" lathe cut limited to 23 hand-numbered copies.

Front cover is a drawing by Japanese artist ZUKK.
Zukk design combines in a single image the imagery used for the covers of the two original cassettes.
All art in the other digipak pannels taken and re-worked from original Cassettes art-works.
But what was behind those recordings?"

Sharks and the Female Form
The aesthetics and patterns of a woman’s physical form violently and tragically manipulated in the arts:

“You have dared to torture the female who was so certain he would always be adored! You have scourged her, flogged her in all her pride; you have emptied her breasts, creviced her belly, blown up her buttocks, twisted her legs, battered her face! And over it all you have spread a noxious color, composed of all the reds of blood and the greens of putrefaction.”
Coquiot on Rouault’s painting Two Prostitutes (1906)

“The verbal link between gorge (throat, bosom, breast) and egorger (to cut the throat, to slaughter) implies that the two inevitably go together: to see a breast is to want to cut a throat.”
Colin Davis from Scenes of Love and Murder: Renoir, Film and Philosophy (2009)

“The great conical head struck her like a locomotive, knocking her up out of the water. The jaws snapped shut around her torso, crushing bones and flesh and organs into a jelly. The fish, with the woman’s body in it’s mouth, smashed down on the water with a thunderous splash, spewing foam and blood and phosphorescence in a gaudy shower.”
Peter Benchley from Jaws (1974) 
Tight Fitting Armor
“Jeanne went armed in white iron, entirely from head to foot.” Moreover, Guy and André de Laval saw her on horseback near Romorantin “armed entirely in white, except, for the head, a little ax in her hand, seated on a great black courser.”

The accounts of the treasurer Hémon Reguier refer to the purchase of that suit of armor in April 1429: “100 livres tournois were paid and delivered by the aforesaid treasure to the master armorer for a complete harness for the aforesaid Maid.” With this harness, Jeanne was equipped in the same fashion as the men-of-arms of her era.

Jean Chartier reported that she was “armed as quickly as possible with a complete harness such as would have suited a knight who was part of the arma and born in the king’s court. “She was equipped, moreover, like knights of a certain rank: 100 livres tournois was a significant sum."

Diary of a Chambermaid
"Production and costume designer Georges Wakhevitch does an excellent job with the look of the film in creating a posh yet early 20th Century look to the home as well as the clothes the people wear. Notably the maid dress and stockings that Celestine wears to woo some of the men in the film."

"...a woman (future porn star Kelly Nichols making her début here) masturbates in the bath, before chasing her round her apartment; firing at her nude body with a nailgun. However, even here – despite the sensationalist subject matter – Donnelly handles the action listlessly, as if he's ticking murders off from a shopping list. It's sleazy but determinedly suspense free. The juxtaposing of sugary sweet country and soft rock songs with the violence could have been potent, but really only adds to the flatness."

1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Tight Fitting Armor (Diary of a Chambermaid) 1
4. Tight Fitting Armor (Diary of a Chambermaid) 2

(Pictured Tanaquil Le Clercq 8x10 not included)
$15 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - The Unitard Apex (No Rent Records c30)

All source sounds from a live recording of the ballet THE LEGEND OF LOVE.

Side 1 - Alina Somova (TLOL)
Side 2 - Ekaterina Kondaurova (TLOL) 

$12 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA / BA. KU. (Phage Tapes, Ominous Recordings Reissue LP)

Reissue of the Harsh Head Rituals tape from 2005.

White screen printed cover - $20 USD plus postage.
Brown Kraft jacket screen printed cover - $20 USD plus postage.

SCARLET DIVA / THE RITA - Split (Summer Interludes Records 7")

1. Scarlet Diva - Celestial Bodies
2. The Rita - Catherine Tights with Sticky Pads

"A lot of Kate’s fans believe she wears John Lewis ‘Barely There ‘non-slip tights. Why? Because we’ve seen the gel cushion on this picture of Kate’s foot and they look identical to the John Lewis tights."

$7 USD plus postage. 

THREESOME SLITTING - Live in NYC (Ominous Recordings 7")

Threesome Slitting is: 
Richard Ramirez 
Sam McKinlay 
Romain Perrot 

Recorded at Apartment 202, Brooklyn, New York, 030720 
Live sound recording by J.S.H. 
Mastered by Michael D. Brown at Foul Prey 

Cover by Sam McKinlay 
Live photo by J.S.H.
$10 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - El Lago De Los Muertes Vivientes (Pink Piss Tapes C20)

Reissue of the Audiobot Mini CDr from 2005.  Arguably THE RITA's most cut up and dynamic recording with the heavy use of Sirkut Electronics gear of the time.
$8 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - Leopard Skin (Phage Tapes, Ominous Recordings Reissue 2CD)

"Reissue of Revealing Leopard Skin (originally released as a double c20 by Skeleton Dust in 2008) and Headless With Leopard Skin (originally released as a double c21 by Definitive Circumstances 2009)." Features the DOD FX59 Thrashmaster pedal multiplying material and further Loli Tovar worship via direct source sounds from Amando de Ossorio's masterpiece NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS. New included imagery delves into early developmental fishnet exposure hanging out at Seattle's Fallout Records in the 1980s. Striking cover art by Michelle Fierro. 
$15 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - Anna Kogler Found in the River (Phage Tapes Reissue CD)

Approaching a The Rita release provides the exposed with a lurid glimpse into a realm of endlessly focusing obsession. The glint of a tooth in a wash of spray, the slashing of a blade followed in moments by a surge, the shine dancing up a stiletto following lines to a stockinged thigh, but it’s rarely the full story, usually a snapshot of that instance of focus, meticulous descriptions, or just a title and image, a few frenzied minutes, or hours of consideration over every thread – all shreds of the evidence. To have three of these frustratingly scarce documents brought together displays parallels throughout works and also underlines fascinating differences between each release. 
Anna Christie (2005): Timeless stoic beauty of the past, feminine grace and the coldest soft faces - there can be a disconnect between the images of silent beauties and hyper-violent noise, if one follows expected routes of justification, but if accepting it as the sound of the pure frenzy of adoration, poet with a blade in a lung bleeding out, then the ultra-blasted out noise onslaught is all that makes sense with sensual contours to the low end along with very precise changes at key moments of tension. Titled after Sam’s second favourite Greta Garbo film – her first talkie - though his top film of hers is Romance, and frequently cited as a favourite among listeners (alongside Flapper Influence From French Prostitutes – another masterpiece of 1920’s feminine style worship) this statement on adoration and devotion to the beauty of Greta Garbo - originally released as a 3”CDR - grows scarcer as time goes on with nobody willing to part with a copy. 
The Tortured Ghosts Of Creeks And Rivers (2006): Conceptually this is focused on the stripped down and aesthetically powerful world of pre-code horror comics and violent controversial 70s comic magazines, paralleled with 60s Mexican gothic horror films, and then further focused in on themes of water based horror and eroticism through illustration and cinema. Stark contrast up-close, unforgiving focus on horrific details, that’s how this entire LP sounds. Exhibiting absolute precision in tension building and maintenance Sam somehow makes totally saturated exploding surging harsh noise sound more hard and extreme as each side proceeds. Watery fury and intensity, an endless close up on a face in shock right before it’s pulled under. Originally a now rare LP, with this reissue more listeners can study the absolute signal understanding and fearlessness in using sustained noise intensity to create structure. 
Albert Kogler (2006): Any time The Rita unleashes another meditation on the human and shark dialogue, I’m fascinated. This was one of those impossible to find Troniks one-sided LPs, no info besides the stark image, like a 1950s Broken Flag - shark attack aftermath – beach party is over. The pieces namesake was the victim of a Great White Shark at Baker Beach in San Francisco, California on May 7, 1959. Sam going deeper in his search for resonance has even travelled to the exact site where the famous cover photo was originally taken. Providing grisly detail even closer to the moment of focus, Sam gives these quotations, underlining that once man comes in contact with the out-scaled power of a shark, there’s really little of substance to be done if the strike was brutal enough in those brief instances of extreme-force on human flesh. 
"Shirley reached Albert and seized his hand, "but when I pulled, I could see that his arm was just hanging by a thread." She slipped her arm around him and began to swim for the beach. When she was near enough, a fisherman threw her a line. After they were on the sand, Shirley, a Roman Catholic, scooped up some sea water and let it run over the head of her friend (who had never been baptized and belonged to no specific faith). " 
The shark attack theme is articulated by the unrelentingly turbulent blast of persisting density. The full and present midrange allows granular focus on the wide-angle cellular structure of surges in crackles, presenting the listener with an enveloping environment at maximized volumes. The unfurling washes of texture-focus immortalize in duration what - the overloaded moments of absolute terror and impact - being ripped apart and drowned must be like. 
As maximized in impenetrability as The Rita harsh noise minimalism is, there is always a sense that there’s something more complex below the violent surfaces, the hidden that animates the ranges of textures and environments possible within such strict parameters. Each release is like a snapshot in a dossier, piecing together the motives - details unraveling into darker mysteries that reveal paths connecting other releases. These recordings sonically expose tensions and balances, manipulations of layers – the staggering changes between slight twists tighter, the phantom geometries unique to each listener as you release any expectation of narrative and pursue an experience of variance in the constant immediate density of sound structure. Sam McKinlay through his legendary The Rita project and Phage Tapes bring together three rare, monolithic and relentlessly powerful documents of harsh noise brutality onto one digital Compact Disc edition that true noise listeners will need in their archives. 
-Nick Henry (NYC – MMXX) 
$10 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - Macha Vs. Knife (Phage Tapes, Ominous Recordings Reissue CD)

"Two varied tracks by the Rita originally released on CDr. 
Macha Magall from the split with Goat, Deadline Recordings 2007. 
Straight Razor Vs Knife from the split with Maim, Snip-Snip Records 2005. 
Remastered by Grant Richardson."
$10 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - Swingers Get Killed (Input Error, Self Abuse Records Reissue CD)

"Reissue of the classic album released on Solipsism in 1998. Featuring new artwork and co-released with Self Abuse Records. A true noise classic. 
Remastered by Grant Richardson. Edition of 200 CDs in digipak covers."
$10 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - Womankind (Input Error, Self Abuse Records Reissue CD)

"A new compilation featuring the two Womankind tapes released on Survivalist in 2010 & 2012.
Remastered by Grant Richardson and co-released with Self Abuse Records. Edition of 200 CDs in digipak covers."
$10 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - Gamzatti (Total Black Reissue CD)

"CD reissue of the long sold-out The Rita LP 'Gamzatti'. Includes an extra 27 minute long reworking of original source material entitled "Gamzatti Stripped". Housed in 8 panel digipak sleeve with booklet.
'Gamzatti' marked the first THE RITA recordings utilizing sound sources from pointe shoe work. 
Pointe shoe preparation and technique by Hannah Sarah Myrberg. This CD reissue is dedicated to her memory.
Gamzatti is arguably Sam McKinlay's favourite classical ballet female character. 
His top three favourite performers of the role: 
1. Ludmila Pagliero 
2. Tatiana Terekhova 
3. Marianela Nunez"
$10 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - O.C.D. Shin (Ominous Recordings, Phage Tapes Reissue CD)

"...Anyway, in these days of reissues I had my mind set on doing a reissue of one of the early The Rita releases, since a lot of them are outstanding harsh noise classics. I had my mind set on possibly O.C.D. and another of the early tapes when I saw someone mention the Trauma Tone CDr needing a reissue. So I pitched that to Phage and he agreed, we had to reissue this material. Shin Health and O.C.D. aren’t similar to each other in a way, but also recorded at a certain time. For the fan who expects massive, abrasive textures like recent years The Rita releases, this isn’t any of that. This is searing washes of white noise, crude distortion, feedback and a fair share of 90’s crunch and crumble. As the previous Ominous/Phage reissue, this isn’t your usual The Rita. But I’m telling you, you need it." - Ominous Recordings. 

*Note - These recordings feature THE RITA's first mic'd skateboard halfpipe sound sources and the project's only collaboration with mentor Kevin Rivard (VOTE ROBOT).
Remastered by Grant Richardson. 
CD in 4-panel digipack, limited to 300 copies.
$10 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA - Creature Drowning You & Cartilage Deposit (SGFF Records Pro-CDr)

"Creature Drowning You was originally released on cassette by Almos Records in 1996. Cartilage Deposit was originally released on cassette by Almos Records in 1996." Reissue Digipak Pro-CDr.  Limited to 200 copies. 
$10 USD plus postage.

VICE WEARS BLACK HOSE - How to Shave Your Legs with a Straight Razor - For Women (Foul Prey CD)

"Limited edition pro-glass mastered CD in six panel Digipak. Straddling an obsession with Italian Giallo cinema and the fetishistic allure of lessons in shaving, Richard Ramirez and Sam McKinlay’s latest despatch as Vice Wears Black Hose is a spluttering, asphyxiated affair that seems to be squeezing itself through remnants of frayed cabling. A split-stereo mix crushes the noise into the corners, with both participants harnessing a thick low-end that congeals inside the ear canals. For mere moments throughout these 40 minutes, the pair make explicit reference to their primary muse; passages of murder and orchestral soundtrack emerge and recede, unsettling in their brevity, easy to dismiss as the hallucinations of a mind starved of stimuli. In absence of their narrative context these film clips are drained to their aesthetic tenets of death, sexuality and wilted celluloid, rendered as shocks of vibrant colour upon a canvas smothered in black. 
Mastered by Grant Richardson
Art and design by Michael D. Brown
Made in the UK"
(Pictured MONSTER BIS 'Le Giallo' pages not included.) 
$10 USD plus postage. 

SKIN CRIME / THE RITA - Maggie Evans (Prose Nagge Reissue Pro-CDr)

SKIN CRIME / THE RITA - Maggie Evans (Prose Nagge 13). MAGGIE IN SHORT BLONDE HAIR AND LONG BRUNETTE HAIR. FISHNET CATSUIT - FOR THE CLIFFS AND THE OCEAN. "Originally released by Self Abuse Records as a cassette in 2019".  
$10 USD plus postage.

PUSSY RELEASES 'Oxygen Fairies' (Merrowed Edge Woven Patch with Heat Seal Backing)

Gabi Losoncy patch. "The term oxygen fairies refers to the anonymous personage described by doctors as putting patients on unprescribed supplemental oxygen sometime between their shifts."
3" x 2"
$4 USD plus postage.

THE RITA / TRERIKSRÖSET (White Centipede Noise LP)

"THE RITA side recorded live in Berlin, featuring a collaboration with TRERIKSRÖSET and ZK. TRERIKSRÖSET side is a new studio track recorded 2018. If you need to know anything more than that, you don't need it!
Edition of 300."
$18 USD Plus postage. 

THE RITA - Magazine (New Forces Reissue Double LP)

"New Forces is happy to announce the reissue of "Magazine," the landmark noise album by The Rita, as a gatefold double LP. Originally released as a limited-edition double cassette on Swedish label Abisko in 2005, "Magazine" has since become a near-legendary album, considered by many to be the finest recording from pioneering harsh noise artist The Rita (and equally celebrated for its iconic artwork, featuring a Big Muff effects pedal acting as the magazine for a machine gun). "Magazine" contains 80 minutes of militant noise music, with Sam McKinlay pushing the limits of extreme sound until they begin to implode. Drawing influence from abstract painters such as Ad Reinhardt and Kazimir Malevich, the four tracks on "Magazine" are progressively deconstructed, slowly taking the dynamic sonic elements away until the last track is a linear / minimalist “wall” of texture and crunch. Ultimately the hope is that under a microscope the same slowly deteriorating audio dynamism and viciousness from the first three tracks is still present, just found within the walls of linear crunch during the last track, “Obsession.” A study in brutality, density, and focus, "Magazine" tests the listener, challenging them to fully engage with the shifting layers of sound that, through careful study, continually expand beyond their seemingly minimalist form. This militant approach to sound became a call to action for a generation of noise artists who were influenced by The Rita, and "Magazine" has finally been reissued for all to hear."
$24 USD plus postage.


Heavy harsh noise collaboration featuring William Rage and Sam McKinlay honouring the cult movie actress Viju Krem and her violent ballerina role. 
"Filmed over six weeks between midnight and 6am in New York’s seedy Soho district, Bloodsucking Freaks  was inspired not only by the Grand Guignol but also an S&M ballet which Joel Reed had seen at a small theatre, and in fact he actually hired the director of that play, Gyles Fontaine, to choreograph the dance sequences in Bloodsucking Freaks. ...while Viju Krem, who plays Natasha the kidnapped ballerina, died after being accidentally shot on a hunting trip in Paynesville, Minnesota on November 17, 1983." 
$7 USD plus postage. 

THE RITA / MARION - Crystal Smith (Barton Street LP)

Black vinyl edition with insert and limited clear vinyl edition with insert and silk screened poster.  Dedicated to early 1970s erotic model Crystal Smith. 
$15 USD plus postage. 

THE CHERRY POINT - Visiting Hours (Phage Tapes CD)

"Covering nearly 80 minutes of unhinged electronics and amplified terror, Visiting Hours compiles four long-out-of-print, era-defining vinyl slabs onto one compact disc. From subhuman scorch to haunted dread, The Cherry Point’s collaborations with Impregnable, The Rita, Privy Seals, and Blud Thirst document the unique & fertile mid 2000s blast & crash boom in Los Angeles and beyond. Several years in planning, Phage Tapes is proud to present this material to a new generation, fully remastered by Grant Richardson and packaged in a limited edition six panel digipak designed by John Wiese."
$9 USD plus postage. 

TED BYRNES - Moving My Body Through Space (Arkeen CD)
"Recognized as a skilled and sought after collaborator, Ted Byrnes solo albums cast a wide net that capture Byrnes' adventurous and omnivorous approach to solo percussion. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, Byrnes has made his home in the center of a Venn diagram that includes free improvisation, studied electro-acoustic work, fearless new music and harsh noise. Recognizing the porous borders between these modes, Byrnes' work on Moving My Body Through Space is a flailing meditation on the concept of space in his work. Space appears as pregnant, timbre-filled liminal spaces in "Spin" or filled to the absolute brim like the corona around an eclipse on the full-kit workout on "Metal". Objects are manipulated, struck and shaken to explore every potential sound on "As If a Friend" - a masterwork in close, fully immersive recording."
$12 USD plus postage.

TED BYRNES - Tactility (Arkeen CD + CDr)

"The first release from our CD imprint, ARKEEN - a 7 track, 30 minute full length from Los Angeles based Ted Byrnes. Percussive abuse and aural assault. Fragmented time creating spaces between what you are about to hear, and have heard. The present does not exist. 
Previous output has been released by Claimed Responsibility, Foul Prey & Absurd Exposition. Outside of solo releases, Ted Byrnes has worked alongside the likes of Charlie Mumma, The Rita, LAFMS, Lingua Ignota, Zola Jesus, Charlemagne Palestine & many many more.
Tactility CD w/ bonus The Rita remix CDr"
$12 USD plus postage.

IUGULA-THOR - Opera (Elettronica Radicale Edizioni, Lake Shark Harsh Noise, Old Europa Cafe CD)

Re-edition of the tape out on Old Europa Cafe in 1996 into CD format.
The album was completely remastered by P.NG5361.BANDERA (Sshe Retina Stimulants / Sigillum S) and includes as a bonus “Cuts series”, over 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, recorded in 2007/2008 for the “Sex Cuts” sessions.
"Alongside Dead Body Love's classic "Low-Fi Power Carnage", Iugula Thor's "Opera" is also a massive documentation of distortion concentration and a prime example of Italy's 90s penchant for samples and sources drenched in overdriven texture."
LAKE SHARK HN is honored to be able to participate in this reissue as along with DBL's "Low-Fi Power Carnage" it is another primary influence on the sound of THE RITA. 
The CD comes in brown digipack, featuring and extensive essay by Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and alchemical artwork by Marco Wertham.
Wholesale enquiries are welcome.
$10 USD plus postage.

VARIOUS ARTISTS: New Forces (New Forces CD)

"In celebration of the 10th anniversary of New Forces we assembled a compilation CD featuring all-new tracks from 12 New Forces affiliated acts. A snapshot of the sorts of artists this label is dedicated to featuring. More than 60 minutes of tension, intensity, and reflection. Some of the best in contemporary harsh noise, heavy electronics, and industrial music. Includes Mass Marriage, Breaking the Will, Skin Graft, Gnawed, Rusalka, The Rita, Wolf Creek, Worth, Knurl, Kjostad, Treriksroset, and Shredded Nerve. The future is bright."
$10 USD plus postage.

THE RITA - 'Petrouchka Ballerina' T-shirt, Enamel Pin, Embroidered Patch

THE RITA T-shirt, enamel pin and embroidered patch featuring the 'Ballerina' from the Petrouchka ballet. 
"In the centre is the prima Ballerina, with perfect, Dresden-china features and pink cheeks. She poses rigidly, waiting to be wound up." 
Made by Bloodshow Outlaw.
T-shirt - SOLD OUT
Enamel Pin (1.5" x 1.25") - $10 USD
Embroidered Patch (4" x 3.25") - $7 USD

PAQUITA (Merrowed Edge Woven Patch with Heat Seal
4" x 3"
$4 USD plus postage.

THE RITA Card Mini Poster (8" x 6")

Double sided card featuring an all encompassing commissioned illustration by Japanese artist Zukk on one side and the cumulative THE RITA classical ballet chart on the other. 
$2 USD plus postage.