Monday, November 26, 2018


"The Rita
with Tommy Carlsson (0:00 - 2:59)
with ZK (2:59 - 3:42) 
live at Ausland Berlin 13 nov 2018
recorded by Roy Carroll 
audio edit & treatment by dp
photo by Viviana Druga

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The Rita with Tommy Carlsson & ZK 181113 by atra (atonal_zürich) is licensed under a  Creative Commons License."

"On 17/11/2018 I had the honor of hosting a little harsh noise lesson/workshop/guided listening session with a couple of my favorite musicians of the genre (and perhaps some of my favorite musicians period): Romain Perrot (Vomir, Trou Aux Rats, etc) and Sam McKinlay (The Rita, Bt.Hn etc) in a seedy basement of Macao, a beautiful squat in Milano. It was a very unusual way to open up for a heavy night of noise and power electronics (i performed with Vomir and Sam played as The Rita, other acts were Rusalka and Mk9 - so a pretty fucking awesome line-up). I brought a little part of my private collection and tried to introduce my favorite kind of music to the very interested audience as best as I could. Sam and Romain were great and right on point with their remarks. I hope you'll enjoy it."

- Nicola Vinciguerra

Tracks played:
Walter Marchetti - "Osmanthus Fragrans"
Mauthausen Orchestra - "Anal Perversions"
Pain Jerk - "Gadget Bondage"
Hanatarash - "Total Retardation Side A"
The Haters - "Death Defying Sickness"