Tuesday, October 27, 2020



“The inlet butterfly is kept slightly open or an air injector, bypassing the inlet butterfly, is used to maintain air supply to the engine.   This results in air/fuel mixture that keeps getting in the combustion chambers when the driver no longer accelerates. The ignition being severely delayed, the air/fuel mixture reaches the exhaust tubes mostly unburned. When the spark plug fires, the exhaust valve is starting to open due to the ignition delay mentioned above. Additionally, the exhaust temperature being extremely high, the unburned fuel explodes at the contact of the exhaust tubes. Luckily the turbo sits right there and the explosion keeps it turning (otherwise it would slow down since its intake, the exhaust gases, is cut-off).” 

The physical striking of an object as cracking sound generator. 

“In addition to the naturally hotter exhaust gas temperatures associated with a turbocharged engine, combustion within the exhaust is a further reliability challenge, giving the exhaust little relief from high temperature. Normally, when a ‘conventional’ turbocharged engine is on closed throttle, there is some respite from high exhaust temperature. Anti-lag equipped engines are often characterized by loud ‘bangs’ coming from the exhaust as combustion takes place.”

The curation of various tangible objects / tools for the rapid striking harsh sound. 

“World Rally Championship (WRC) cars, for instance, generally replace their turbochargers after every race due to the destructive forces of anti-lag systems. These systems are easily recognizable by their backfiring sounds, somewhat similar to that of a gunshot...”

Another incredible example from Ted Byrnes of textural harsh sound via solo acoustic percussion (no electronics), this time streamlined and directed as a tribute to the Anti-Lag / Misfiring systems of racing cars. 

Pro-tape C20, edition of 100, semi-gloss card cover in classic Slaughter / OEC style ziplock packaging. 

$8 USD plus postage.

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